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30 Day Keto Diet Challenge

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This weight loss plan will be the single most important tool in your journey to a healthier body.

It along with the use of waist trainers during workouts can significantly increase your metabolism and fat loss rate. The diet focuses on a low carbs diet since carbs are the main problem in causing obesity.

Carbohydrates when ingested triggers insulin which leads to the conversion of starch to glucose. This glucose is used by the body as an energy source, however the body can absorb so much and no more in a given time.

Therefore the rest is stored as glycogen which converts to fats and that is how we become "fat" over time. This diet gives you the tools to reverse this process and helps you to use the fat stored in your body without starving yourself or some other extreme methods which are unsustainable and unhealthy.

With this plan participants have lose 20 lbs and more in a month. Quite the motivation to make this into a lifestyle don't you think. We have in this plan:

  • Basics of the Keto Diet 
  • Nutritional Ketosis
  • Macro-nutrients
  • 28 Days Keto Recipes and direction
  • Recipes with affordable Ingredients
  • 88+ Different & Creative Recipes
  • Recipes that can be used on a for Dessert, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Keto Diet Supplements
  • How to resist food temptations on a Keto Diet
  • Overcoming Keto Flu & Keto breathe
  • How Keto Diet helps during exercising & waist training
  • What affects ketone levels?
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Life changing benefits of the Keto Diet
  • Guaranteed Weight Loss
  • Expect a New Body in just 30 Days

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