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Waist Trainer Vest VS Regular Waist Trainers

Waist Training

Have you tried wearing waist trainers and feel like you need more support? Or you find yourself asking is waist trainer vest better than its corset counterpart?

Before you make any move, find out the difference between the two to make sure that you buy the best one for your needs.

The regular waist trainer sculpts the waist and holds in the belly bulge to provide a flawless figure. It wraps around the waist and back and covers just below the bra down to the top of the hipbone. That area is the usual spot for excess fat and having something to hold it in ensures that you are not spilling over in your underwear.

The difference with a waist trainer vest is that it has straps the way a bra has. If you are having problems with bra bulge then a waist trainer vest is what you are looking for. Some prefer it over the regular one because they feel more comfortable with it. Those who are not used to wearing waist trainers may look for a extra support and a waist trainers vest can provide it.

But what about the latex waist trainer vest?

Waist trainers come in different materials. Some come in breathable material and some in latex. Latex as you may know, is a form of plastic. That means as you wear it, your skin will not be able to breathe.

Latex waist trainers are made for the purpose of melting the fat in the stomach and back. It’s like the latex or spandex workout outfit we used to wear decades ago. It will make you perspire more as it increases thermal activity.

The question whether you should get a waist trainer vest or a regular waist trainer is entirely up to you. Consider your needs and which one will make you feel more comfortable. Find out what other customers have to say and learn from their experiences. Remember that you should be wearing it daily even as you go to the gym. It will also be a shapewear so comfort should be priority.

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