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How to wear the Colombian faja

Waist Training



What does the word faja mean?

​Actually its just the Spanish way of saying Waist Trainer.

Colombian waist cinchers should be worn for at least eight hours a day to see significant outcomes. You are not required to do this right away though. In fact, you should not push for eight hours on the first day. You should break into your cincher first. Wear it for an hour on the first day and do it while you are at home so you can take it off anytime you feel like you are uncomfortable.

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Gradually increase the amount of time that you are wearing it by a few minutes or an hour, whichever you feel comfortable with. In a few weeks, you should wear it for at least eight hours. And you should wear it every single day not matter what you are going to do.

You’ll notice that as you wear the faja, you won’t be able to take in as much food as you normally do. The compression around your stomach will only allow to eat small meals. Take advantage of this benefit as this will help you lose weight. Only eat until you feel full and eat again when you are hungry.

Eating small frequent meals throughout the day will make your metabolism run faster and will prevent your body from storing food as fat. Going for healthier food choices will make your weight loss  more significant. This is not a concrete diet recommendation as you can also explore other diets that suit you.

So to get the most dramatic results with waist training, you have to exercise and eat healthier. Follow these guidelines and in one month, you’ll be surprised how much improvement your body will have.

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