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How to buy a waist trainer

Waist Training

Sizing is one of the most common problems of consumers. They always end up with the wrong size. So be sure that you measure yourself correctly and stick to Waist Trainer Kingdom’s size chart. Sizes range from small to 6XL.

To find your size, you need to get your weight in pounds and your height in Feet. To get the most accurate measurements, do these first thing in the morning when you still haven’t had breakfast. Having had a big breakfast will add a few pounds to your weight as well as increase your waistline by a few centimeters or even a few inches.

Waist Trainer Kingdom Size Chart

To get your weight, take off all of your clothing. Your clothes will weigh a few extra pounds too. Then be sure to lay the weighing scale on a hard, flat surface. Best if its a concrete or wooden floor. Putting on carpet will give you a very irregular reading since it’s soft.

Then take your weight and height measurement and compare it to the Waist Trainer Kingdom size chart .Now you’re ready to buy a waist trainer and start on your waist slimming journey.

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